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Telemedicine Plus

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Telemedicine Plus from Next Direct Primary Care

Next Direct is a membership based Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice. In our model you pay a monthly membership that provides unlimited access to necessary care. DPC was created on the idea that better care is delivered much more affordably. Next Direct restores the doctor-patient relationship and eliminates outside interests from dictating care.

Select from Quick Start Options:

$35 Telemedicine Single Appointment

  • Call (888) 926-6398 to schedule an appointment, no membership needed. This appointment is a great way to get an assessment for your current conditions or answer questions. Easily apply this appointment fee as a credit to a membership plan. Your $50 payment covers a one-time telemedicine appointment.

$25 Telemedicine Plus Membership includes:

  • Unlimited telemedicine appointments for continued evaluations and treatments
  • Medical care in the comfort of your own home
  • Dedicated team accessible to you for easy APP, phone, and email support
  • Includes Covid-19 screening with tests available at our clinics and approved test facilities