It’s all about Savings & Convenience

We dispense your prescriptions at our office. Better yet, we provide all medications at wholesale pricing. Our pharmacy program saves you both time and money!

  • No need to shop pharmacies
  • Convenient dispensary at our office
  • Save significant dollars

Drug Store Chains
Web Designer 75%
Mail Order
Web Designer 65%
Next Direct Member Drug Prices
Web Designer 53%

Members Save Big on Prescriptions

We are proud to dispense your prescriptions from the convenience of our office.  All prescriptions are provided to our members at wholesale pricing.  It’s all about savings and convenience.

In-House Pharmacy

As a member, you have access to our entire pharmacy, and you pay wholesale pricing.  This means your price is almost  always below discount pharmacy prices.   So in the vast majority of cases we can dispense your medications from the convenience of our office while providing significant savings.    

We currently do not dispense any DEA-controlled medications such as narcotic pain medicine, sedatives, or stimulants.  

Our stock medications are generic in almost every case.   And because we offer these products at wholesale pricing you will not find better value anywhere.