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Add Your Members

The best way to add your eligible employees to the Next Direct membership is via an eligibility file.     This file must be a CSV. file and must include the mandatory fields below.   

The following fields are required when uploading a roster of employees:

  • First name (required)
  • Last name (required)
  • Date of birth (required)
  • Eligibility date (if not included, will default to today)
  • Email
  • Dependent Of (required for dependents, leave blank for employees)
  • Membership Start Date  (usually first of month after eligible)
  • Bill From Date   (same as Membership Start date)
  • Eligibility Date

Optional Field:   Divisions or Departments  (for employer expense reporting purposes)

The file must be a CSV.

Once the eligibility file has been uploaded into our system the membership administrator(s) will receive a confirmation email.  Administrators will then be provided a link to the Next Direct enrollment platform for their account.  Here administrators can make additions, deletions and edits to their enrollment census.