Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness

It’s About Risk Management

Wellness is more than a program or a tool…it is a culture. Next Direct, first and foremost, manages your populations healthcare risk which is the single fastest growing risk faced by businesses today.

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Corporate Wellness

Our population health management processes will lower your claims cost. Besides money in your pocket now, these lower claims are also reflected in your actuarial modeling which will have a major impact in your renewals year after year. A culture of wellness gives companies a competitive hiring edge and promotes employee retention. And Next Direct accomplishes this without burdening your HR department.

Healthier employees have lower absenteeism which means increased productivity. Healthier employees have lower absenteeism which means increased productivity. Our program will engage your employees and connect them with programs and services to help them manage their health and positively impact your claims. Next Direct keeps employers HIPAA compliant while addressing the root causes of high claims.

Provider Managed Population Health Management

The journey to your personal wellness starts with one step, but it’s all the steps that follow that will get results. Ongoing engagement is critical to success. This is where traditional wellness programs fall flat in their implementation and results. That’s where we’re different. Designed to work from any web browser, our wellness plan is a health management and employee engagement system. It’s easy to administer and responds to the different needs of each user with activities that put employees on a path to controlling healthcare costs. And it does all this in compliance with HIPAA wellness program rules under the Affordable Care Act.

When we implement our wellness plan, it attacks the rapid trajectory of your group’s healthcare trend.

Our approach is three-fold:

  • Stratification: Identify and reduce your population’s risk in a short time period
  • Transformation: Drive better cost/quality/outcome decisions before and after claims are incurred
  • Accountability: Hold employees accountable through outcomes-based premium


It all starts with your populations


Restores Patient-Doctor Relationship

Next Direct’s Primary Care providers are committed to excellence in healthcare delivery. Our model allows us the time that is necessary to really listen and consider all of the best options for your health and wellness.


Preventative Care is an Option Again

High Deductibles and Co-pays have forced many of us to abandon preventative care and avoid medical treatment even when it is necessary. Next Direct changes that. Come whenever and as often as necessary.


Better Access

Same day office visits are great but in this age of technology we offer many ways to access care. Consult with our providers how and when you want via phone call, text, email or video conference. Often a 10 minute virtual visit is all it takes.

The bottom line . . .

If you believe healthier people will lower your cost and make your employees more productive; if you believe you can change behavior to create healthier people because they trust you; then together we can identify people who “choose” to bring disease into the workforce and mitigate that risk for your business, your people and the people they touch.
We are risk advisers and purposeful visionaries who will empower business and employees to healthier living. Our quest is lower cost, healthier populations and sustainable results, today and into the future.

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