A better healthcare experience for your team
Personal care at a higher cost savings
Innovative approach to Telemedicine care
State of the art diagonstics and trained professionals
Benefits for employers and employees
Significant savings on premiums, prescriptions, and more
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Membership Plans Starting at Just

$ 65 Monthly
  • No-Copay, No Deductibles, No Balance Billing Contact us today to see how much you can save.​

Offer Your Workforce a Patient-Centered Care Solution

Next Direct established the CHA program to provide the same quality healthcare to a workforce across construction, roofing, industrial, and other professions.

Contractors’ Healthcare of America (CHA) is a membership based Telemedicine Program practice that is distinctly different than any other telemedicine service in the country. The problem with most telemedicine services, is that they are limited with the ability to physically evaluate the patient. At CHA, the telemedicine service uses state of the art diagnostic tools in order to physically assess the patient. Vital signs, heart and lung sounds, visualization of the ears, nose, mouth and skin and even an electrocardiogram can all be performed through our telemedicine access point. We estimate that at least 80% of all primary and urgent care visits can be effectively managed through our unique telemedicine service. This benefit will dramatically reduce your company’s healthcare costs while improving access to care. Additionally, our telemedicine membership includes an annual wellness visit. This includes biometric screening, lab testing and risk factor assessment. We follow up with a comprehensive report and recommendation that the patient can use to make improvements in health. CHA Membership includes unlimited telemedicine visits via phone, computer or access point. Remember that approximately 80% of sick and injury visits can be managed this way. Additionally, CHA includes an annual wellness visit which includes laboratory testing, biometric screening, risk factor assessment, screening for depression, obesity and metabolic disease and smoking cessation counseling.

What’s Included

Seamlessly Onboard Your Team

CHA delivers your team a comprehensive onboarding kit, and full set of instructions to get the most out of your healthcare service. Each kit includes:

  • Digital Otoscope for visually inspecting ears, nose and throat
  • Automatic blood pressure machine
  • First aid kit
  • Rapid test kits for strep throat
  • Urine test strip for infection, blood or sugar
  • Laboratory collection tools for send in specimens (Urine cup, culture swab)
  • Thermometer

Why CHA Works!

Focus on Superior Individual Healthcare

CHA’s Primary Care providers are committed to excellence in healthcare delivery. Our telemedicine model allows us the time that is necessary to really listen and consider all of the best options for the individual’s health and wellness.

Preventative and Proactive Medical Management

High Deductibles and Co-pays have forced many to abandon preventative care and avoid medical treatment even when it is necessary. Offer your team the change they need. Come whenever and as often as necessary.

Better Access Through Technology

Same day office visits are great but in this age of technology we offer many ways to access care. Consult with providers how and when you want via phone call, text, email or video conference. Your kit includes most of what you need and often a 10 minute virtual visit is all it takes.

Labs & Prescriptions at Significant Savings

Many labs and prescription drugs are provided as a pass through. Decrease these costs up to 70% over traditional healthcare. It is likely that this alone pays for the membership.

Effectively Manage Employee Healthcare

Better healthcare options help the individual and company. Decrease work time loss, decrease ER visits, eliminate workers compensation budget and decrease recordable injuries.

A Health Plan to Recruit and Retain

Reimagine the way your business can use health benefits an options to recruit and retain across your workforce. Even offer healthcare options to independent contractors.

Contractors’ Healthcare of America

Employees can now have an affordable solution for better health service, lower costs and coverage for 80% of their needs. CHA can offer your business the opportunity to cut down on healthcare over-utilization, save money, and improve your employees’ health.

Advanced Medical Technologies With Friendly Prices