COVID-19 Questions and Answers

We know that all the information swirling around can be overwhelming. There are countless news articles, graphics, research papers, and social media posts about the COVID-19 pandemic that is changing our world. And, it is hard to know what to believe. Next Direct has spent hours participating in scientific webinars and reading evidence-based research. The goal […]


The cost of healthcare continues to rise. In fact, “healthcare benefit costs are rising at two times the rate of wage increases and three times general inflation. Making this trend unaffordable and unsustainable over the long term,” according to a recent publication by the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM). The total cost of healthcare, including premiums and out-of-pocket […]

Reducing Drug Costs Proactively

Prescription drug costs are rising in the U.S. leading to higher health insurance costs and access issues for your employees. As as a result, Americans are finding it difficult to afford medications which leads to dangerous consequences. Also, pushing employers into reducing drug costs proactively. “In a 2013 survey, one in five adults in the U.S. said they failed to complete a […]

High Deductible Health Insurance

Next Direct Difference

If you are trying to understand the world of healthcare, healthcare cost and insurance, you are probably feeling confused, frustrated and annoyed. Welcome to the club. Let alone a “high deductible health insurance plan.” The majority of Americans don’t understand how their health insurance works. They are even more confused when it comes to knowing […]

Pay less Money for Better Healthcare

Quick view of cost savings, convenience and quality of healthcare using a direct primary care program in addition to health insurance for a typical family of 4; comparing a traditional health insurance verses a traditional health insurance plus direct primary care (DPC)membership. Note. the direct primary care program is available even if there is no […]