OSHA COVID TESTING & VACCINE MANDATE The 6th District Federal Court ruled to re-instate President Biden & OSHA’s COVID testing and vaccine executive order. Employers of 100 or more employees must now plan on how to comply with the January 10th OSHA mandate. Failure to comply can result in tens of thousands of dollars in […]

How to Make Bad Health Insurance Coverage Better For Cheaper

How to Make Bad Health Insurance Coverage Better For Cheaper How many people struggle with the cost of medical care? Families and employers are spending more for health insurance, medical treatment and other healthcare related goods than ever before. What’s even more frustrating is that the quality of those products and services is getting worse […]

High Deductible Health Insurance

Next Direct Difference

If you are trying to understand the world of healthcare, healthcare cost and insurance, you are probably feeling confused, frustrated and annoyed. Welcome to the club. Let alone a “high deductible health insurance plan.” The majority of Americans don’t understand how their health insurance works. They are even more confused when it comes to knowing […]

Pay less Money for Better Healthcare

Quick view of cost savings, convenience and quality of healthcare using a direct primary care program in addition to health insurance for a typical family of 4; comparing a traditional health insurance verses a traditional health insurance plus direct primary care (DPC)membership. Note. the direct primary care program is available even if there is no […]